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Mac OS X 10.5 Test Answers

This post is for Mac OS experts, here they will have Upwork Mac OS X 10.5 Test Answers for Operating System category, press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.

1. Which of the following filesystems can be read by Mac OS X 10.5?
• EXT3 or • ZFS

 2. What is the sudo command?
 Answers: • It is the super user do command

 3. The dashboard allows you to instantly access any open window with a single keystroke.
 Answers: • False

 4. Which of the following is the command to manipulate disk images?
 Answers: • diskutil

 5. How do you know if a transaction has been secured with SSL under Safari?
 Answers: • All internet transactions are secured

 6. Is Mac OS X POSIX compliant?
 Answers: • yes

 7. What is this view called?
 Answers: • Cover flow

 8. Using default settings, what is located on the left part of the dock?
 Answers: • Applications

 9. Which of the following can do calculations?
 Answers: • Calculator

 10. While viewing a document with QuickLook, can you print it?
 Answers: • no

 11. Which key should be pressed while clicking to open the menu on a window title bar, as in the image?
 Answers: • Command

 12. What is the folder separator under Mac OS X 10.5?
 Answers: • /

 13. Is journaling supported by HFS+?
 Answers: • yes

 14. How do you manage your e-mail accounts under Mac OS X 10.5?
 Answers: • From Mail.app preferences

 15. Where do you change the default application to open a document in the Finder?
 Answers: • In the document's Info window

 16. Is HFS+ case sensitive by default?
 Answers: • no

 17. What is the command to provide information about the currently running processes?
 Answers: • pl

 18. Mail can detect addresses in e-mails.
 Answers: • True

 19. Which of the following commands is like the activity viewer?
 Answers: • top

 20. Is IPX supported by Mac OS X?
 Answers: • no

 21. Under System Preferences, can the dock be put at the top of the screen?
 Answers: • No

 22. What is the command used to move a file?
 Answers: • mv

 23. How does Safari indicate progress in loading a web page?
 Answers: • A blue bar fills the address field

 24. What is the command to terminate an application from the command line?
 Answers: • kill

 25. Can you share a printer with a Windows client?
 Answers: • yes

 26. What version of the Internet Explorer is included in Mac OS X 10.5?
 Answers: • None of the above

 27. How can you create a PDF instead of printing?
 Answers: • By using the PDF button in the print dialog

 28. What is mei?
 Answers: • A Windows computer on the network

 29. Is Mac OS X IPv6 capable?
 Answers: • yes

 30. What is this icon?
 Answers: • A public folder

 31. What is Safari?
 Answers: • A web browser

 32. Left to right, what are those buttons functions?
 Answers: • Close, Minimize, Maximize

 33. How can you open a Finder window from the command line?
 Answers: • With the open command

 34. What does this icon denotes in the image shown above?
 Answers: • Spotlight icon

 35. Which key should you hold at boot time to boot from a CD or DVD?
 Answers: • c

 36. How do you usually install most of the applications under MacOS X?
 Answers: • By drag and drop of the .app bundle

 37. How can you mount a disk image from the command line?
 Answers: • By using hdiutil

 38. How can you know the build number (like 9D34) of your installed Mac OS X?
 Answers: • By looking into about this mac about box

 39. What is a application bundle for the UNIX system?
 Answers: • A link

 40. What is the name of the Mac OS X search engine?
 Answers: • spotlight

 41. What feature was added to Leopard to reduce desktop clutter?
 Answers: • Spaces

 42. Which of the following features was added to MacOS X 10.5 in the Mail.app application?
 Answers: • RSS

 43. Can the finder mount WebDav shares?
 Answers: • yes

 44. What is the name of the tool which allows looking inside a document without opening it?
 Answers: • Quick Look

 45. What is the command to clear the terminal?
 Answers: • clear

 46. Can PPC Mac run Boot Camp?
 Answers: • yes

 47. You can access Wikipedia through the Dictionary in OS X.
 Answers: • True

 48. What does the Private Browsing option do in Safari?
 Answers: • It makes sure that the following aren't stored: searches, cookies, history, form information

 49. Which of the following are true?
 Answers: • Mac OS X is based on a UNIX system

 50. What are the view options for a folder in the Dock in Leopard?
 Answers: • Fan

 51. Where are per user preferences stored?
 Answers: • In ~/Library/Preferences

 52. What is "Phoenix" ?
 Answers: • A hard disk

 53. Which key can be used to immediately open a spring loaded folder?
 Answers: • Alt

 54. Which of the following URI are correct?
 Answers: • ftp://www.mysite.com/myfolder

 55. Can Safari automatically enter account names and passwords?
 Answers: • Yes

 56. Which key on the keyboard is used to open a file using quicklook?
 Answers: • spacebar

 57. Where are an application's preferences usually located?
 Answers: • In the System preferences

 58. In which menu is an application preferences button usually located?
 Answers: • In the menu with the same name as the application

 59. Which is the current equivalent of Microsoft Office made by Apple for OS X?
 Answers: • iWork

 60. Cups can be configured with a web browser. On which port is the cups server listening?
 Answers: • 631

 61. Which key should you hold to boot a mac in target mode?
 Answers: • t

 62. What is the orange button in the MacOS X windows title bar?
 Answers: • Minimize in the dock

 63. How do you customize a toolbar?
 Answers: • By right clicking it

 64. If you have only one button on your mouse, which key would you press to emulate the right button?
 Answers: • ctrl

 65. Can we mount windows shares on MAC OS X?
 Answers: • yes

 66. What is Boot Camp?
 Answers: • A tool to run Windows natively on a Mac

 67. What system will you use to execute a command each day at 3pm?
 Answers: • You cannot

 68. Is it possible to use a Mac to share an internet connection?
 Answers: • yes

 69. What is the Mac OS X printing system?
 Answers: • cups

 70. What are the possible views for items in Finder windows in Leopard?
 Answers: • Icons, stacks, columns and list

 71. What does ~ mean in a path?
 Answers: • Hard drive root

 72. In Mac OS X 10.5, where can you change the default paper size?
 Answers: • In the Print & Fax preference pane

 73. Which of the following applications have tabs in Leopard?
 Answers: • Safari

 74. What is the default filesystem under MacOS X 10.5?
 Answers: • HFS+

 75. What happens if the target of a hardlink is deleted?
 Answers: • The hardlink is not valid anymore.

 76. Does Safari 5.x support SSL versions 2 and 3 and Transport Layer Security (TLS)?
 Answers: • Yes