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Microsoft Access 2010 Test Answers

Here you will get all most recent Upwork test questions and correct answers of Microsoft Access 2010 Test for Upwork Computer Skill category.

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1. Which of the following Microsoft Access 2010 components can pose security risks in an untrusted database?
 Answers: • Action queries (queries that insert, delete, or change data) or • Macros

 2. Which of the following are reserved for use by SharePoint and is not supported on the Web?
 Answers: • Lists or • UserInfo

 3. For what reason(s) can a digital signature or certificate be regarded as invalid?
 Answers: • All of the above.

 4. Which of the following elements are mandatory for the CREATE INDEX command?
 Answers: • All of the above.

 5. Suppose you want to apply a calculated field on a TextBox control to concatenate the values of the firstName and lastName fields, with a space between them.Which of the following expressions will you enter in the Expression Builder?
 Answers: • [firstName] &" "& [lastName]

 6. What is the purpose of Option Explicit?
 Answers: • Requires variable declarations.

 7. Which of the following is not done when you compact a database?
 Answers: • Databases linked to the compacted database are compacted and repaired.

 8. How can you tell if a report has no records to display or print in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • By using the report's NoData event.

 9. Which of the following functions determines if a phrase exists in a longer string?
 Answers: • InStr

 10. How do you start a Microsoft Access application so that the user can't see or use the Navigation Pane (or database container)?
 Answers: • Set the Access Option to hide the navigation pane, and turn off special keys to prevent F11.

 11. What can you do in Report View that you cannot do in Print Preview in Microsoft Access 2010 Reports?
 Answers: • You can display the structure of your report.

 12. What is the advantage of a Class Module versus a Standard Module?
 Answers: • Polymorphism

 13. How can you share common objects between multiple projects in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • By creating Application Parts.

 14. Consider the following tables:

 PopularityRating (the Popularity of the book on a scale of 1 to 10)
 Language(such as French, English, German etc)

 What is the query to determine which German books (if any) are more popular than all the French books?
 Answers: • Select bookname from books where language='German' and popularityrating > (Select max(popularityrating) from books where language='French')

 15. Which of the following conditions should be satisfied to create a one-to-one relationship between tables?
 Answers: • The primary key and foreign key fields must have a unique index.

 16. Which of the following is NOT possible when you link to an Excel worksheet from within Access?
 Answers: • You can create a database containing multiple linked tables.

 17. What could be the problem when an error message "#Error" is received in a query?
 Answers: • The object or the database is damaged.

 18. How do you create a report for a Crosstab Query if certain column values are missing?
 Answers: • Set the Column Heading field in the Crosstab.

 19. Suppose you have a table named Cars with fields that store the name, year, price, and condition of used cars that you are considering for purchase. Also suppose that the table has become large and that you frequently include the Year field in queries. You can create an index on the Year field so that your queries return results more quickly. Which syntax will you use to achieve this?
 Answers: • CREATE INDEX YearIndex ON Cars (Year)

 20. Which of the following is true about a.accde file in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • It contains compiled VBA code to prevent users from viewing the code.

 21. Suppose you want to use data from two tables in a query: tblCustomer and tblOrder. The two tables both have a field, CustomerID, that identifies a customer. Each record in the tblCustomer table may have one or more corresponding records in the tblOrder table, and the corresponding values can be determined by values in the CustomerID field. You now want to join the tables so that the query combines the records from the tables, excluding records from either table if there is no corresponding record in the other table. Which of the following FROM clauses will you use?
 Answers: • FROM [tblCustomer] LEFT JOIN [tblOrder] ON [tblCustomer].[CustomerID]=[tblOrder].[CustomerID]

 22. If you want to encrypt a database by using a password, then the database must be opened in ________ mode.
 Answers: • Open Exclusive

 23. Using which of the following Microsoft Access 2010 database file formats, can we use the Package and Sign tool?
 Answers: • .accdb

 24. When you run the Compatibility Checker in Microsoft Access 2010, in which of the following scenarios can you get the error- Access was unable to convert the query for use on the Web because it relies on an ORDER BY clause that is not supported on the Web?
 Answers: • Name of an order by element is not valid.

 25. Using the Package and Sign tool, how many databases can you add to a package that you want to distribute to other users in Microsoft Access?
 Answers: • 1

 26. Which of the following is not true regarding Information Rights Management (IRM) for e-mail messages in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • It restricts content wherever the e-mail is sent.

 27. Microsoft Access uses indexes in a table to find data. Which of the following field types cannot be indexed?
 Answers: • OLE Object

 28. Which of the following is the correct way to enter the beginning or ending characters of the fields named (UnitPrice and CompanyName) in the AutoIndex onImport/Create field to create an Auto Index ?
 Answers: • unit;name

 29. In a report with grouping, how can you display the count of records in each group?
 Answers: • Add a text box to the group's footer section and set its control source to =Count(*).

 30. What is the purpose of the Application Parts option in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • It turns portions of your database into reusable templates.

 31. Which one of the following correctly selects rows from the students table that have null in column1?
 Answers: • Select * from students where column1 is null

 32. Which of the following is true of the Ribbon interface?
 Answers: • New ribbons can be created using the Office Ribbon Generator.

 33. What is the function of the icon marked as A (see image) when you are creating Macros in Microsoft Access 2010?
 Answers: • Delete

 34. What is the function of the 'Single Step' in Macros as shown in the image?
 Answers: • This command executes an action one at a time.

 35. Password protected databases offer:
 Answers: • Only one password with full rights.

 36. What will happen when you click on the icon marked as A (see image)?
 Answers: • Expression Builder will pop up.

 37. Which of the following is not a Relationship and Lookup error?
 Answers: • Limit to List must be set to True if Allow Multiple Values is set to True.

 38. A company has the following departments:
 Marketing, Designing, Production, Packing

 What will be the result of the following query?

 Select department from table where department < 'Marketing'
 Answers: • The query will return "Designing"

 39. Microsoft Access 2010 does not support more than ____________ fields in a table.
 Answers: • 255

 40. Which of the following is correct regarding Crosstab queries?
 Answers: • Multiple Value fields can be specified.

 41. Choose the appropriate query for the Products table where data should be displayed primarily in ascending order of the ProductGroup column. Secondary sorting should be in the descending order of the CurrentStock column.
 Answers: • Select * from Products order by ProductGroup, CurrentStock DESC.

 42. Which of the following is incorrect about the Quick Access Toolbar?
 Answers: • You cannot display the Quick Access Toolbar on multiple lines.

 43. Which textbox property in Microsoft Access 2010 determines that the text box is bound, unbound or calculated?
 Answers: • ControlSource

 44. A query that uses the BETWEEN operator for two numbers is identical to:
 Answers: • >= and <=

 45. Which of the given text field properties should you set in order to force a user to enter a date value specifically in MM-DD-YYYY format?
 Answers: • Input Mask