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Microsoft OutLook 2010 Test Answers

This test will help you to get Computer skills related job in Upwork. In this post you will find most recent Upwork's test questions with correct answers of Microsoft OutLook 2010 Test.

It's a Upwork Computer Skills category test. Press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. .pst files, also known as Personal Folders files, created by Microsoft Outlook 2010 CANNOT be used with Microsoft Outlook 97-2002.
 Answers: • True

 2. Consider the statements given below regarding the Common Feed List in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

 Statement X: When you delete an RSS Feed from the Common Feeds List, the RSS folder & contents aren't removed from Outlook.
 Statement Y: Common Feed Lists are used to share the same RSS Feed subscriptions between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

 Which of the following is correct?
 Answers: • Both statements are correct.

 3. "You need to remove all RSS feeds, internet calendar and sharepoint subscriptions from Outlook. Which command line switch would you use?"
 Answers: • /cleansharing

 4. Which of the following tabs contains the command used to create a "New Search Folder" in Microsoft Outlook 2010?
 Answers: • Folder tab

 5. "Customize the Ribbon" option allows you to create new tabs and new groups to speed up your task.
 Answers: • True