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MS Access 2003 Test Answers (new)

MS Access 2003 Test is very important test for Upwork Database experts. All of Database experts have to pass this test for their better profile. Here you will find most recent Upwork test questions and answers of Upwork MS Access 2003 Test for Upwork Database category.

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1. A query that uses the BETWEEN syntax for two numbers is identical to:
 Answers: • >= and <=

 2. How can the duplicate data on a report be hidden?
 Answers: • By Setting the HideDuplicates property to Yes

 3. In which of the following ways does choosing an appropriate datatype help while designing a table in Access?
 Answers: • All of the above

 4. Which of the following is the easiest and fastest method to manipulate records on a subform?
 Answers: • Using a References Property

 5. How do you start an Access application so that the user can't see or use the database container?
 Answers: • Set the Access Option to hide the navigation pane, and turn off special keys to prevent F11.

 6. When a user has a database open in Exclusive mode, what will happen when another user attempts to open the database?
 Answers: • The second user receives a 'File already in use' message

 7. How is data in a single record kept together on a page (for a report) or on a column (for a form)?
 Answers: • By setting the KeepTogether property to Yes

 8. How do you customize the text on a form or report's window frame or tab?
 Answers: • TabIndex Property

 9. What is the function of a Format Painter?
 Answers: • It helps to format a report so that it looks tidy and presentable

 10. Which condition should be satisfied to help create a one-to-one relationship between tables?
 Answers: • The Primary key and the Foreign key fields must have a unique index

 11. Under the Advanced options for the Access system, there is an option entitled Open Databases Using Record Level Locking. Which of the following are true when this option is checked?
 Answers: • Microsoft Access locks the row that is being updated

 12. Which of the following is not a section of a report?
 Answers: • Summary

 13. The primary key index does not allow ________ data in a field.
 Answers: • duplicate

 14. Which datatype would be the most suitable to store a Hyperlink in a field of an Access 2003 table?
 Answers: • hyperlink datatype

 15. What is the file extension of an Access Project?
 Answers: • .adp

 16. State whether True or False.

 When a table from an Access database is exported to another database format, Microsoft Access exports the table data and data definitions, as well as its properties (including constraints, relationships, and indexes).
 Answers: • False

 17. An .mde file is a special version of an Access .mdb file and contains information related to a database. Which of the following is true about an .mde file?
 Answers: • It contains compiled VBA code to prevent users from viewing code.

 18. A company has the following departments:
 Finance, Accounts, Human Resources, Administration

 There is a table named Company having a column named Department, and the above values are stored in that column.

 What will be the result of the following query?

 Select Department from Company where Department < 'Finance'
 Answers: • Strings cannot be compared using the < operator

 19. If a relationship has the 'Cascade Update Related Fields' option on, which of the following is true?
 Answers: • When a parent record is updated, all child records in the linked table are updated.

 20. Which of the following options most clearly defines the meaning of a bound HTML Control on a Data Access Page?
 Answers: • A Control that is bound to the HTML code showcasing the data from a particular field of a table

 21. In Access 2003, one can control the user access to data, through permissions. The Update data permission allows a user to:
 Answers: • view and modify but not insert or delete data

 22. Which of the following is not done when you compact a database?
 Answers: • Databases linked to the compacted database are compacted and repaired.

 23. What role does Strcomp function perform in Microsoft Access 2003?
 Answers: • It compares two strings for equivalence and returns the integer result of the comparison

 24. Under the Advanced options in Access 2003, there is a Default Open Mode Group option which includes the options Shared and Exclusive. Which of the following is true when the Shared option is selected?
 Answers: • It enables other network users to use the open database simultaneously

 25. Which query will you use to count the number of records in a result set?
 Answers: • Select count(*) as total from students

 26. The Database Splitter is one of the database utilities. Which of the following is true about the Database Splitter?
 Answers: • This utility segregates the tables from the queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules

 27. In a report with grouping, how can you display the count of records in each group?
 Answers: • Add a text box to the group's Footer section, and its control source to "=Count(*)"

 28. Which of these functions determines if a phrase exists in a longer string?
 Answers: • InStr

 29. Which clause will be used to display the rows of a table in an ascending order of a particular column?
 Answers: • Order By

 30. What does an Access Data Projects (ADP) offer that an MDB/ACCDB doesn't?
 Answers: • It is tied directly to one SQL Server database and can create and modify SQL Server objects

 31. Which property of a table is used to locate the back-end database to which the table is linked?
 Answers: • TableDefs Connect property

 32. If a user has a database opened in the Exclusive mode, what will happen if another user attempts to open the same database?
 Answers: • The second user receives the 'File already in use' message

 33. Which datatype would be the most suitable to store a hyperlink in a field of an Access 2003 table?
 Answers: • Hyperlink