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MS-Excel - Interview Questions and Answers

In this post, you will find all the possible and most recent Job Interview questions and answers of MS-Excel for MS Office category which you might be asked by your employer. These interview questions and answers will help you to get the job.

These Interview Questions and answers are not only for Upwork job, you will have some idea about the related job interview for your permanent or real life job.  This is just some sample answers, don't just copy and paste them, read them carefully and make your own answer.

1. Define types of data that we used in MS Excel?
I have given you three basic types of data that we used in MS Excel.
1. labels : These are text without any numerical value.(like: name or wage or days)
2. constants : These are numbers(like: 3 or 2.61 or -3.5 etc).
3. formulas : These are mathematical equations which used to make calculation(like: =2-1+8 or =4*2-6+5.

2. How can I identify which cells in my spreadsheet have a formula and which do not in MS Excel?
Option A: 

1. Choose Edit + Go To (or press Ctrl + F5). 

2. Select Special. 
3. Select Formulas. 
4. Click OK. 

Option B: 

1. Choose Tools + Options. 
2. Select the View Tab 
3. In Window Options choose the check box 'Formulas'. 
4. Click OK 

3. How can I protect our worksheet?
We can protect our worksheet to follow following path Tools-Protection-Protect Sheet.In Protect Sheet it give facility to set password (It is optional). Now, when you set password your worksheet will password protected. and you can again unlock this worksheet by using same password. Go to the menu tool bar and click the protection protet sheet and given the password protect worksheet is use to password in tools

4. How can we hide a cell?
By using these steps we can hide our cell or cells. 

Step1: Select cell and cells on which you want to perform hide operation. 
Step2: Now, select Choose Format of cell. 
Step3: set protection tab when you open the dialog box of Format Cells. 
Step4: Now, set checkmark to Hidden checkbox. 
Select the particular cell you want to hide. go to format menu select cells and got to protect option next to lock you have4 a option hide. If u select the opting the cells will get hidden.

5. How can you add cells, rows or columns in Excel?
To add a cell, row or column in Excel, right click the cell you want to add to and then select insert from the cell menu. The insert menu allows you to select to add a cell, a column or a row and to shift the cells affected by the additional cell right or down.

6. How can you make space for text in a cell where the text is longer than the cell size?
Where the text within a cell is larger or longer than the cells, you can either increase the cell width or use the wrap text cell format to accommodate the text.

You can increase the cell width by adjusting the column width by dragging the cell boundary on the right hand side of the column. You can also use the format function on the home tab and select column width and enter a new column width. You can also use the auto fit column width function to automatically adjust the size of the column.

7. How cell reference is useful in the calculation?
In order to avoid writing the data again and again forcalculating purpose, cell reference is used. When you write any formula, for specific function, you need to direct excel the specific location of that data. This location is referred as, cell reference. So, every time a new value added to the cell, the cell will calculate according to the reference cell formula.

8. How do I combine different chart types into my Excel spreadsheet?
To combine chart types, follow these steps: 

1. If the Chart toolbar isn't already displayed, right-click any Toolbar and select Chart. 

2. On the chart, click the series you want to change. 

3. On the Chart toolbar, click the arrow next to the Chart Type button and then select the new chart type for the series (in our example, a line chart).

9. How do I put password to protect my entire Spreadsheet so data cannot be changed?
1. Click Tools 

2. Scroll down to Protection, then Protect Sheet 

3. Enter a password, Click OK 

4. Re-enter password, 

Click OK 

10. How do I run a spelling and grammar check on my spreadsheet?
Click on the REVIEW tab. Then, click on the SPELLING button within thePROOFING command group. The Spelling dialogue box will be displayed when a misspelled word is encountered. You can manually correct the word, replace it from the list of suggested words, ignore it, or add the word to the custom dictionary.

11. How to open a new copy of a Excel file?
To open a file as copy, just follow the steps

* Select your file through the file open box (CTRL+O)

* Now at the bottom you may notice an ARROW BOX next to the OPEN button (in fact, it is a drop down box)

* Click the arrow and select OPEN AS COPY.

* Now you could be having a copy of the original version of the file.

12. How to Upload data from Excel into SAP?
* Some of the Business functions (BAPI's / RFC unctions) offer data upload

* The general tool in SAP for data upload is the Batch input / call transactions

In the batch input file you specify screen by screen and field by field the input to SAP.

SAP has a recorder to create the sample file. Just run trans SHDB. Within this transaction, you run a case of the changes you want to do. On exit of the trans you will have a batch input file that you can download and from excel. Manipulate the file before you call the RFC function RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION. 

13. How to use basic math functions in Excel?
Firstly I told you basic math functions are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
Now, I show you how to use these operations in MS Excel with an exmple:


Above sheet is looking like Excel sheet. We perform basic operations in this Excel sheet like that, Mathematical Symbol Constant Referenced Answer Operation Data Data
Addition + =6+7 =A1+B2 13
subtraction - =9-2 =A3-B3 7
multiplication * =3*2 =A2*B3 6
Division / =6/2 =A1/B3 3

14. How would you provide a Dynamic range in ?Data Source? of Pivot Tables?
To provide a dynamic range in “Data Source” of Pivot tables, first create a named range using offset function and base the pivot table using a named range created in the first step.

15. How you can disable the automating sorting in pivot tables?
To disable the automating sorting in pivot tables,

Go to > “More Sort Options”> Right Click “Pivot table” > Select “Sort” menu > Select “ More Options” > Deselect the “ Sort automatically when the report is created”.

16. How you can resize the column?
To resize the column you have to change the width of one column and then drag the boundary on the right side of the column heading till the width you want. The other way of doing it is to select the Format from the home tab, and in Format you have to select AUTOFIT COLUMN WIDTH under cell section. On clicking on this the cell size will get formatted.

17. I'm confused. If I click Edit, I see the options "Cut" and "Delete." If I right-click I see the option "Clear Contents." Which does what?
That can be confusing. We're used to the Cut option in Word, but Cut works differently in Excel. These explanations should help:
l Cut: This tool actually copies text for you to paste somewhere else. It then cuts -- erases -- the text from the original spot. Like Word's Copy-Cut-Paste in a single step.
l Delete: This tool deletes entire cells, rows, or columns, along with the text in those cells, rows, or columns.
l Clear Contents: You like the cells/rows/columns as they are and you don't need to move text (pasting as in the Cut feature). You just need to erase some of the text. Highlight the text to be deleted, right click, and select Clear Contents.
Note: If you've typed text in the wrong row or column, instead of cutting (copying/pasting), highlight the text and drag it to the correct location. It's the fastest way to get from there to here!

18. Is it possible to prevent someone from copying the cell from your worksheet?
Yes, it is possible. In order to protect your worksheet from getting copied, you need to go into Menu bar >Review > Protect sheet > Password. By entering password, you can secure your worksheet from getting copied by others.

19. Is my Excel 97 (or later) add-in secure?
The type of VB Project protection used in Excel 97 and later is much more secure than in previous versions. However, several commercial password-cracking programs are available. These products seem to use "brute force" methods that rely on dictionaries of common passwords. Therefore, you can improve the security of your file by using a long string of random characters as your password.

20. Is there a way to apply the same formatting to every sheet in a workbook in Excel?
Yes. To do this, you will need to right click on one of the worksheet tabs and then choose Select All Sheets. After you do this any formatting that you apply or text you enter will show up on all the sheets in your workbook. In order to eliminate certain sheets from the changes, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the tab of the worksheet you want excluded from the others. You can also group sheets by holding the shift key and selecting the worksheet tab.

21. Is there a way to create shortcuts to these excel functions?
Yes. Just above the HOME button is the QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. You can customize this toolbar to display the shortcuts that you most frequently use from the list provided. If you click on the small down arrow on the edge of the toolbar, a list of the most common shortcuts are displayed. You can choose shortcuts from this list or if you want a more in-depth selection, click on theMORE COMMANDS option. You can then add more shortcuts from the window that pops up.

22. Name 5 data formats available in Excel and where you would use them?
Excel offers over eleven different data formats for data storage. The most popular formats includes the number, currency, date, percentage, text formats.

The Number format stores data as a number. A number can include decimal values and separators for values greater than one thousand. Numbers can be used for mathematical formulas available in Excel.

The currency format in Excel is a specialized number format that stores data in the form of a specific currency. Currency indicators can be set using the number formats available on the home tab. Currencies are treated like numbers by Excel for the purposes of calculations and formulas.

The date format in Excel allows for data to be stored as dates. Dates are stored as number values by Excel for the purposes of formulas and calculations. Learn more about working with dates by reading Excel Date Format: Get Your Way with the Date!

The percentage format stores numbers as a percentage. The numbers are stored as a percentage value and the format is taken into account for calculations. More details about the percentage format and formula are available in this article: Excel Percentage Formula: What Did the Sale Actually Cost?

The text format stores data as strings of texts. Text can include both numbers, letters and symbols. Certain formulas and functions cannot be performed on cells formatted as text like the mathematical functions.

23. What are comments, how do you add comments to a cell?
Excel allows you to add comments to a cell. Comments are used for a variety of reasons. You can add comments to a cell to clarify the purpose of the cell, to clarify a formula used in the cell, or to leaves notes for other users about a cell.

To add a comment to a cell, you right click the cell and choose insert comment from the cell menu. Type your comment in the comment area provided. A red triangle at the top right hand corner of a cell indicates that there is a comment linked to that particular cell. To remove a comment from a cell, right lick the cell and then select delete comment from the cell menu.

24. What are worksheets and how can you add or remove worksheets?
A worksheet is a single page or sheet within a workbook in Excel. When you start a new blank workbook, Excel automatically adds three blank worksheets. To add a worksheet to the workbook you can click the insert worksheet tab at the bottom of the workbook. You can also insert a sheet using the SHIFT key and then pressing F11.

25. What is a Macro in Excel and how would you create an Excel Macro?
Excel Macros as sets of instructions that a user records for repetition purposes. Users create macros for repetitive instructions and functions they perform on a regular basis. To record an Excel macro, you need to select record macro from the developers tab and then record the instructions used in the worksheet. Macros can be triggered via a keyboard shortcut.

26. What is Excel and When Would I use it?
Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that people use for storing, organizing and manipulating data. The types of data that Excel can use includes numbers, text and formulas. Formulas are used to perform basic mathematical operations, calculating repayment plans for loans or mortgages, and to find the average, maximum, or minimum values in a specified range of data.

In olden days we have Lotus 123, it is also having spread sheets for using accounts purpose. Now excel having spread sheets not only accounts purpose but also for various types of formats with calculations.

27. What is IF function in excel?
To perform the logic test IF function is performed. It checks whether certain conditions is true or false. If the condition is true then it will give result accordingly if the condition is false then the result or out-put will be different.

Example: For example, you select the cell and you want to display that cell as “Greater than five”, when value is true (=5 or 5) and “less than five” when value is false( <5 ). For that by using IF condition you can display result.

=IF (Logical test, value if true, value if false)

=IF (A1>5, “Greater than five, “Less than five”)

28. What is Microsoft Excel?
Microsoft excel is an electronic worksheet developed by Microsoft, to be used for organizing, storing and manipulating. 

Excel is a spreadsheet application that allows you to record, store, manipulate and analyze data. Data is stored in areas called cells. Each cell has a unique address depending on the row and column value of the cell. Excel allows for simple mathematical manipulation of data as well as data representation through graphs.

29. What is ribbon?
The ribbon runs on the top of the application and is the replacement for the toolbars and menus. The ribbons have various tabs on the top, and each tab has its own group of commands.

The ribbon is an area that runs along the top of the application that contains menu items and toolbars available in Excel. The ribbon has various tabs that contain groups of commands for use in the application. The ribbon can be minimized or maximized by pressing CNTRL F1.

30. What is selecting cells?How you define methods of selecting cells?
Selecting cells is like an equations.These are most useful concept of selecting cells.

A Excel sheet,


Now, we can use methods of selecting cells like that.I given you how to perform addition with selecting cells method.
(to select)
=sum(type in)
=sum(click on)
to select type in click on
A1 A1 click to A1

A1,A2,A3,A4 A1:A4 click to A1 and 
drag to A1 with 
button down
A1,A2,B1,B2 A1:B2 click to A1 and 
drag to B2 with 
button down

31. What is Spreadsheets?
Spreadsheet is like as paper ledger sheet which open on computer.It consists of huge number of rows and columns.Using this associated number made easy to search.
And it has also give us facility to perform mathematical operations like: addition, multiplication, average etc.

It has 65536 rows and columns.

32. What is the ?What If? condition in excel formulas?
The “What If” condition is used to change the data in Microsoft excel formulas to give different answers.

Example: You are buying a new car and want to calculate the exact amount of tax that will be levied on it then you can use the “What If” function. For instance there is three cells A4,B4 and C4. First cell says about the amount, second cell will tell about the percentage (7.5%) of tax and final cell will calculate the exact amount of tax.

33. What is the AND function does in excel?
Like IF function, AND function also does the logical function. To check whether the output will be true or false the AND function will evaluate at least one mathematical expression located in another cell in the spreadsheet. If you want to see the final result or output of more than one cells in single cell it is possible by using AND function.

Example: If you have two cells, A1 and A2, and the value you put in those two cells are >5 and you want result should display as ‘TRUE’ in cell B1 if value>5, and ‘False’ if any of those values<5. You can use AND function to do that.

34. What is the benefit of using formula in excel sheet?
Calculating the numbers in excel sheet, not only help you to give the final ‘sum up’ of the number but, it also calculate automatically the number replaced by another number or digit. Through excel sheet, the complex calculations becomes easy like payroll deduction or averaging the student’s result.

35. What is the quick way to return to a specific area of a worksheet?
The quick way to return to a specific area of worksheet is by using name box. You can type the cell address or range name in name box to return to a specific area of a worksheet.

36. What is the sequence of operating mathematical operation in Excel?
The order of sequence of operating is BEDMAS

• Brackets
• Exponents
• Division
• Multiplication
• Addition
• Subtraction

37. What is the simplest way to create a table to sort data in Excel?
Excel offers the format as table option on the home tab. To format data as a table with a heading that allows simple sorting of data, you select the range of data you want to format as a table and then select the format as table from the styles options on the home tab. The first row of the selected range can be assigned as the table headings. Table headings are used by Excel to allow you to simply sort data within the table. You can sort data alphabetically, by color, or by using number filters.

38. What you could do to stop the pivot table from loosing the column width upon refreshing?
Format loss in pivot table can be stopped simply by changing the pivot table options. Under the “Pivot Table Options” turn on the “Enable Preserve Formatting” and disable “ Auto Format” option.

39. Why Use Excel?
•Excel can be an easy way to review significant amounts of data to identify particular issues or situations.
•Excel can be used to check calculations performed within your CAMA system to verify accuracy.
•Excel spreadsheets allow analytical capability without requiring your software vendor to program a specific analysis for you.
•Excel provides a generally universal method for sharing data and information with others.
•Excel can be used to prepare custom handouts, charts, and reports to highlight particular findings.