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Profile Overviews

These profile samples are not only for Upwork job, you can use this format or can have some idea about related job cover letter for your permanent or real life job. It will help you to get the related job. Read the Special Note about profile before applying for the job on Upwork or any freelancing job sites

In this post, you will find Different Profile Samples of Expert, Advanced and Intermediate level freelancers for different categories. 

Special Note: Your profile depends on the skills you have got, this is just a sample, don't just copy and paste them. These are the examples and ideas about your Upwork profile, read this Profile overview carefully and make your own one. One more thing I want to mention here again is - this profile sample also could be used in your real life job's resumes and CVs, you may try this out there.

  1. Upwork Profile Sample for Illustration
  2. Profile Sample for Animation
  3. Profile Sample for Voice Talent
  4. Profile Sample for Flash Animation
  5. Profile Sample for 2D Animation
  6. Profile Sample for Voice Over Talent
  7. Profile Sample for Photography
  8. Profile Sample for Photography and Retouch
  9. Upwork Profile Sample for Photography. Retouching. Image manipulation
  10. Upwork Profile Sample for Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations Design
  11. Upwork Profile Sample for PowerPoint presentation specialist
  12. Upwork Profile Sample for Professional audio production
  13. Upwork Profile Sample for Voice talent/Audio production
  14. Upwork Profile Sample for Article and Blog Writing
  15. Upwork Profile Sample for Content and Blog Writing - Travel Writing
  16. Profile Sample for Creative Writing, Blog Writing, Short Essays
  17. Upwork Creative Writing and Article Writing Profile sample
  18. Upwork Profile Sample for Creative Writer and Editor
  19. Profile Sample for Medical writing, editing and research
  20. Upwork Profile Sample for Creative Writer and Proofreader
  21. Upwork Profile Sample for Academic Writing and Research
  22. Profile Sample for Research assistant and academic writing
  23. Upwork Profile Sample for Copywriting and web content writing/editing
  24. Upwork Sample for Copywriting that sells and engages
  25. Upwork Profile sample for Copy writing and blog/article writing
  26. Upwork Profile Sample for Proofreading
  27. Example of Professional proofreader and editor Profile
  28. Upwork Profile Sample for Professional technical writer
  29. Upwork Profile Sample - Self-motivated technical writer/creative writer
  30. Upwork Profile Sample for Creative technical writer
  31. Upwork Profile Sample for Autocad architect and 2D/3D designer
  32. Professional Technical Writer - Upwork Profile Sample
  33. Web developer - Profile sample
  34. PHP Coding and trouble-shooting Guru - Profile Sample
  35. Certified Umbraco.NET Developer - Profile Sample
  36. Expert Backend Python / Django developer - Profile Sample
  37. Senior Ruby on Rails Developer - Profile Sample
  38. Game Designer - Profile Sample
  39. Mobile, web and desktop app Guru, 10y+ experience - Profile Sample
  40. iPhone/iPad developer - Profile Sample
  41. C/C++, Java, C# developer - Profile Sample
  42. Java Developer - Profile Sample
  43. Meteor Web Developer Expert - Profile Sample
  44. Web and database developer - Profile Sample
  45. Magento Full Stack Developer - Profile Sample
  46. Desktop Software Developer - Profile Sample
  47. Game Design and Development - Profile Sample
  48. Game/Web Developer - Profile Format
  49. Senior software testing engineer - Profile sample
  50. iOS Team Lead - Profile Sample
  51. Professional Graphic Designer - Profile Example
  52. Expert Graphic and Logo Design - Freelancer Profile example
  53. Profile Example for Logo Design. Branding. Graphic Design
  54. Profile Example for Leading graphic designer: corporate identity, branding, logo design
  55. Profile Sample for Quality Logo and graphic design
  56. Freelancer Profile Overview for Graphic Design
  57. Profile Overview for Architecture and Graphic Design
  58. Profile Example for Animation and Video Production
  59. Profile Overview for Video Production, Video Editing, Animation
  60. Professional Video Production and Animation Specialist - Profile Example
  61. Surface Pattern Design and Illustration - Profile Sample
  62. Print | Illustration - Profile Overview