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Quick Books Pro 2008 Test Answers (new)

You will find in this post answers of the Upwork Quick Books Pro 2008 Test, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions

1. How can you set up QuickBooks: Pro or higher so that time data for salaried employees is transferred to the payroll automatically?
 Answers: • All of the above

 2. You hire an employee who will work as a staff member, but also provide outside services to your company unrelated to his/her job. How is this best handled in Quickbooks?
 Answers: • Create an employee for his/her regular wages, and a Vendor for his/her contract work

 3. Which of the following reports shows how a specific month's actual results compare with the budget for that month; how the year-to-date actual results compare with the year-to-date budget; and how much of the annual budget has been achieved?
 Answers: • All of the above

 4. Which of the following reports contains all the information about paychecks and the employer's related payroll expenses?
 Answers: • Payroll liability balances

 5. How would you best describe the use of the Opening Balance Equity Account during the setup process?
 Answers: • It is used as the clearing account for each opening balance entry

 6. How can you track deposits that clients make to vendors?
 Answers: • Neither of the above

 7. How do you check the version and release number of a QuickBooks for Windows desktop file?
 Answers: • Press Ctrl+1

 8. How can you prevent users from changing transactions from prior periods?
 Answers: • None of the above

 9. Which of the following QuickBooks utilities is used to check for data file integrity?
 Answers: • Verify Data

 10. A base unit in QuickBooks is usually defined as:
 Answers: • the smallest unit of measure for an item to be tracked in inventory

 11. How should sales tax liabilities be adjusted in QuickBooks?
 Answers: • Click the Adjust button in the Pay Sales Tax window to enter the adjustment before creating the checks.

 12. Which of the following resources can be used to find manual changes of reconciled status in bank account entries?
 Answers: • Audit trail report

 13. For which of the following reports can you use the Financial Statement Designer to filter account balances by Customer: Job?
 Answers: • Balance sheet standard

 14. Which of the following reports can be used to find checks in numeric order?
 Answers: • Missing checks report

 15. After setup, which report should be run to verify the accounts receivable details as on the opening date?
 Answers: • Deposit details

 16. If a client miscalculated a fixed tax (like Medicare), how would you correct this discrepancy in After-the-Fact Payroll?
 Answers: • Adjust Federal Withholding

 17. Which of the following questions should be asked to determine whether QuickBooks is the right software for a client?
 Answers: • All of the above

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