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Selling Skills Test Answers

Here you will find Upwork Selling Skills Test Answers of Sales and Marketing Category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of test questions.

1. Which of the following statements is/are true?

 i)A 'Theory Y' sales manager would closely monitor the team's performance.
 ii)A 'paternalistic' sales manager would inform the team of changes rather than consult it.
 Answers: • Only (ii) is true.

 2. A product that is sold below the cost price in order to boost sales of other products is known as a:
 Answers: • loss-leader

 3. A product or service specifically designed to benefit its association with the success of another product is known as a:
 Answers: • Parasite

 4. For which of the following businesses would a company be LESS concerned about attracting repeat business from customers?
 Answers: • A bar in an area dominated by holiday makers.

 5. A small independent retailer needing to stock low volumes of a broad range of products would source its stock ________.
 Answers: • from a wholesaler

 6. Which of the following statements is/are true?

 i)The role of marketing is to make the sales environment more favorable.
 ii)Effective marketing is about reducing the price at which a product can be sold in the desired volumes.
 Answers: • Only (ii) is true

 7. Which of the following would not typically be included in a monthly sales report to management?
 Answers: • Average selling price

 8. Break-even analysis helps a company determine the volume of sales at which the total revenue will equal the __________.
 Answers: • total costs

 9. A company's set of processes relating to handling contact with customers is known as:
 Answers: • Customer relationship management

 10. Why do some companies introduce self-service checkouts?

 i)To reduce theft
 ii)To reduce staff overheads
 iii)To reduce queuing time for customers
 iv)To reduce the error rate
 Answers: • i and iv only

 11. Exploiting data on items examined or purchased by a customer to advertise further products to them is known as:
 Answers: • Customer profiling

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