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Upwork Business Plans Test Answers

Here you will find Updated answers of Upwork Business Plans Test for upwork's sales and marketing test category, please press Ctrl + F to find your desired answers of the test questions

1. How could a video rental outlet stand out above their competitors in a positive way?
 Answers: • Charging more by claiming better quality

 2. How does a company assess the performance of its marketing efforts?
 Answers: • By tracking where customers are coming from and weighing the cost of marketing against the number of customers and their spending

 3. How is "distribution and delivery" defined?
 Answers: • How a customer actually receives its product

 4. Why is it important to talk about competition?
 Answers: • It is not important; competition should be ignored

 5. How detailed should a business plan be?
 Answers: • As detailed as possible, making each section very clear and specific

 6. How far into the future should revenue be projected in a business plan?
 Answers: • 5 years

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