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Civil Engineering Test Answers

Here you will find most recent test questions and correct answers of Civil Engineering Test of Upwork Miscellaneous Certification test category, This test answer is going to have you the better impression of your freelancing profile and Upwork profile and it will help you to get the related job. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. In a joint, the number of rivets required is calculated by using the formula ____________.
 Answers: • force / bearing strength of rivet

 2. The volume of a specimen of soil is 20 cubic centimeters and its weight is 50 grams. Calculate the volumetric shrinkage if the volume of dry specimen is 10 cubic centimeters.
 Answers: • 100%

 3. Which grade of brick can withstand below freezing temperatures in moist climate?
 Answers: • Grade SW

 4. Which type of cement has a final setting time of 30 minutes?
 Answers: • Low heat cement

 5. Which type of surveying method is used to ascertain the quantities of dredged material?
 Answers: • Topographic surveying method

 6. __________ is used/done to check the strength of the concrete by virtue of the sound it makes.
 Answers: • Compression test

 7. __________ is a line which joins subsidiary stations with the main line.
 Answers: • Power line

 8. ____________ when water is added to the cement.
 Answers: • Heat is generated

 9. __________ is the portion of a wall which is used to support an arch.
 Answers: • Abutment

 10. The most effective method of curing of concrete is :
 Answers: • ponding method.

 11. Which type of joint is used to make wooden floors?
 Answers: • Tongue & Groove joint

 12. ___________ is the branch of hydrology which deals with the moisture content in the soil.
 Answers: • Geohydrology

 13. The beams which support the stair steps are known as:
 Answers: • jointers

 14. Which of the following equipments are used for distance measurement.
 Answers: • Tellurometer

 15. Which form of lime among the following hardens due to the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
 Answers: • Hydrated lime

 16. Which type of cement among the following is capable of withstanding high temperatures?
 Answers: • Refractory cement

 17. The _________ helps in reducing the shrinkage of concrete.
 Answers: • water content of the mixture

 18. ___________ is the extension of the wall above the roof level.
 Answers: • Parapet wall

 19. The strap efficiency of a reservoir is a function of:
 Answers: • Total inflow / reservoir capacity

 20. In a constant head parameter test of 5 minutes duration, the quantity of water collected is 450 milliliters. Calculate the discharge per unit time.
 Answers: • 1.5 milliliters per second

 21. The slenderness ratio of a compression structural member is :
 Answers: • effective length / least radius of gyration

 22. The re-designing of an RC beam is usually done when its shear stress exceeds _________.
 Answers: • 10 kilograms per square centimeter