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Design Considerations for Mobile Web Applications Development Test Answers

In this post, you will have most recent test questions and correct answers of Design Considerations for Mobile Web Applications Development Test of Upwork Mobile Technologies category. It will help you to get the related job. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. During Mobile Application Development, which option below represents the best order to follow for the usability implementation process?
 Answers: • Requirements – Design and specifications – Implementation – Testing – Release – Maintenance
 2. Is the following statement true or false?
 The Best Practices Working Group for Mobile Web Application recommends that percentages and relative measures be avoided in favour of pixel and absolute measures.
 Answers: • True
 3. According to S60 usability guidelines for games, what should happen when a two-player game is paused by one of the players?
 Answers: • The game should pause for both players.
 4. From the point of view of user experience design, who is the primary user and who is the secondary user if a hospital manager purchases software and the hospital staff uses it?
 Answers: • The hospital manager is the secondary user, the staff is the primary user.
 5. When designing Mobile Applications, what must the designer keep in mind with regard to the end users of the mobile phone?
 Answers: • All of the above
 6. Is the following statement true or false?
 In widgets, the control panel that shows the softkey labels is hidden by default.
 Answers: • True
 7. Which of the following style elements has the highest priority in the cascading rules?
 Answers: • Style element in the document head
 8. Which of the following is/are the most important factor(s) affecting mobile video production, distribution, and playback?
 Answers: • a, b, and e
 9. With respect to game user experience guidelines, which of the following should a game designer avoid to keep players motivated and interested?
 Answers: • Adding invisible walls or barriers to make the game interesting
 10. Is the following statement true or false?
 S60 devices from Nokia use font S60 Sans.
 Answers: • True