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Dreamweaver CS3 Test Answers

1. Design notes cannot be created for which of the given options?
 Answers: • None of the above

 2. Menu Bar widget consists of which of the following tags?
 Answers: • All of the above

 3. Which of the following audio or video objects cannot be inserted into a Dreamweaver document?
 Answers: • QuickTime

 4. From which operations does cloaking exclude cloaked files and folders?
 Answers: • Synchronizing

 5. In the current mode, which pane in the CSS styles panel displays the location of selected properties?
 Answers: • Rules pane

 6. For which of the following transfer protocols supported by Dreamweaver does background file transfer work?
 Answers: • SFTP

 7. By default, Dreamweaver saves files using which of the following extensions?
 Answers: • .Html