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Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 2.0 Test Answers

This is a JAVA Technologies category test. Here you will have all the most recent test questions and correct answers of Upwork Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 2.0 Test Answers. This test can help you to get the related jobs in Upwork as it is going to give you a better profile impression. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. A pre-cached instance is used to load state information on creation of an EJB.
 Answers: • True

 2. What will happen to the running session beans if the EJB container crashes or restarts?
 Answers: • They will get destroyed

 3. Which of the following constitute the enhancements made to EJB 2.0?
 Answers: • Support for RMI/IIOP protocol for network interoperability

 4. An online shop employs a stateless session bean (named 'Eshop') to process the requests. 'Eshop' uses a declarative transaction management system. The following code is from the xml deployment descriptor file of the bean:

 1. <ejb-jar>
 2. <enterprise-beans>
 3. <session>
 4. <ejb-name>Eshop</ejb-name>
 5. <home>com.solution.EshopHome</home>
 6. <remote>com.solution.Eshop</remote>
 7. <local-home>com.solution.EshopLocalHome</local-home>
 8. <local>com.solution.EshopLocal</local>
 9. <ejb-class>com.solution.EshopBean</ejb-class>
 12. </session>
 13. </enterprise-beans>
 14. </ejb-jar>

 The session and transaction attributes are to be coded in the lines numbered 10 and 11. Which of the following options should be used to make the bean work as expected?
 Answers: • <session-type>Stateless</session-type> <transaction-type>Container</transaction-type>

 5. A client wants to access Enterprise Java Bean for some processing. The first step will be looking up the class that implements its home interface. Which of the following should be used for the purpose?
 Answers: • JNDI

 6. A heavy tool manufacturing company manages its business and production by using enterprise beans. A session bean named 'Status' is used to get the production status for the day. The following code gets the context:

 Context initialContext = new InitialContext();

 The bean provides a local client view. For the local home interface named 'StatusHome.' What should be the lookup?
 Answers: • StatusHome statusHome = (StatusHome) initialContext.lookup("java:tools/env/ejb/status");