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Facebook Open Platform Development Test Answers

1. By passing the email param to which method can email notifications be sent?
 Answers: • notifications.send

 2. Does facebook.events.getMembers return the RSVP status for the Facebook members for a given event?
 Answers: • Yes

 3. How many maximum notifications can be sent by an application per day?
 Answers: • 40

 4. Analyze the following code and state whether the statement that follows is true or false?

 <a href="javascript:alert('Hi');">click me</a>

 The above code shows a runtime error.
 Answers: • False

 5. How many character strings do the user preferences for the API consist of for each user?
 Answers: • 64

 6. By submitting which variable can Facebook Applications use cross-domain scripting when authenticating the auth token?
 Answers: • callback