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Knowledge of SAP ABAP Test Answers

In this post, you will find most recent answers of Upwork Knowledge of SAP ABAP Test for Upwork General Programming category which will help you to get the related jobs in Upwork. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. ABAP has built-in types like C, I, N, STRING, or X. If you use these types for defining data objects, which of the following statements are correct?
 Answers: • A data object of type STRING has a fixed length that will automatically be set when the first value is assigned to this data object. This length cannot be adjusted thereafter.
 2. During an upgrade project to SAP NetWeaver 7.0, you are asked for a strategy to convert the implemented classic BAdIs to the new BAdI type.
 What do you recommend?
 Answers: • Use the procedure for semi-automatic migration because of existing differences between classic and new BAdIs.
 3. Among the most frequently used enhancement concepts in ABAP, you find customer exits. Which of the following statements about customer exits are correct?
 Answers: • Within one client of an SAP system, a customer exit can have multiple implementations.
 4. A customer wants to develop a Web application with Web Dynpro for Java as the front-end technology and a SAP ERP 6.0 system as the backend.
 Which type of external interface do you use to generate a Web Dynpro model automatically with a minimum of effort?
 Answers: • RFC
 5. A customer has implemented an enhancement for a transaction by using the predefined customer subscreen. The program contains the necessary plausibility checks for the values on the subscreen. However, from time to time, data fields are updated with values that are not allowed.
 What do you recommend to solve this problem?
 Answers: • Modify all dynpros that use data from the plausibility checks.
 6. An international retail company needs a customer-specific list in SAP ERP that shows accumulated order values in a selectable currency.
 What do you need to know to create this program?
 Answers: • Local currency in the system
 7. In which case do you decide to create a new ABAP OO class?
 Answers: • If it improves maintainability