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Knowledge of Windows Phone 7 Skills Test Answers

Here in this post, you will find most recent test questions and correct answers of Knowledge of Windows Phone 7 Skills Test for Upwork Mobile Technologies category. It will help you to get the related jobs. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.
1. What happens when the opacity of icon buttons in the Application Bar is set to 1?
 Answers: • The icon buttons are overlaid over the current page content.

 2. What is the default mode in which the Windows Phone Emulator in Visual Studio starts?
 Answers: • Portrait

 3. What does Tombstoning describe regarding Windows Phone execution model?
 Answers: • The procedure in which the operating system terminates an application's process when the user navigates away from the application.

 4. For an unauthenticated web service, how many push notifications can be sent per subscription per day?
 Answers: • 500

 5. The code given below is used to enable Gesture support in a Windows Phone 7 game using XNA Game Studio 4.0. Which of the following statements with regard to this code is correct?

 TouchPanel.EnabledGestures = GestureType.Hold
 Answers: • None of the above

 6. What is the content type of the <UseKerning> tag which is used by the Content Pipeline to create SpriteFont textures in .spritefont XML in XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone7?
 Answers: • Boolean

 7. In which of the following scenarios should Silverlight Framework be preferred to XNA Framework for Windows Phone 7?
 Answers: • When you want rapid creation of multi-screen 2D and 3D games.

 8. Which of the following .NET Namespaces are NOT supported in Silverlight applications for Windows Phone?
 Answers: • System.Net.Sockets

 9. How many maximum number of screenshots of your application can you provide when submitting your application for certification?
 Answers: • 8

 10. What happens when you pass an invalid path E:\temp\ in the following method in a Silverlight application on Windows Phone?
 System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(@"E:\temp\ .")
 Answers: • It returns "E:\temp".

 11. The image above shows the properties of Game Assets in XNA Game Studio. What does the icon A indicate?
 Answers: • The name of the importer for the related game asset contains only standard importers provided by XNA Game Studio

 12. What is the function of the "Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline.Processors" namespace when used with XNA Game Studio in Windows Phone7?
 Answers: • It provides base classes that represent the creation and writing of intermediate content for game asset types processed by the XNA Framework Content Pipeline.

 13. What happens to the data if you uninstall the associated Silverlight application from the Windows Phone?
 Answers: • The data is automatically deleted.

 14. What is the default value of the width property of Internet Explorer Mobile Viewport in Windows Phone 7?
 Answers: • 320

 15. What is the correct order in which events occur in the life cycle of a Windows Phone 7 application?
 Answers: • Launching → Running → Deactivating → Closing

 16. How do you stop all animations in your Silverlight Application for Windows Phone 7 application?
 Answers: • Call Storyboard.Pause or Storyboard.Stop methods.

 17. What is the datatype of the HubType attribute for the <App> </App> element in the Windows Phone Manifest File Structure?
 Answers: • String

 18. What is a panoramic application in Windows Phone?
 Answers: • It is an application that supports only landscape view and does not have the option to switch to portrait view.