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Lean Management Certification Test Answers

Lean management is a set of principles and business processes which are aimed at eliminating wasteful expenditure of resources and improving efficiency. (expertrating.com)

In this post, you will find most recent test questions and correct answers of Upwork Lean Management Certification test for your better profile impression which will help you to get the related jobs in Upwork. This is is Upwork General Management Category test, search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. The various kinds of Kanban include:
 Answers: • Supplier Kanban --- or --- • In-Factory Kanban --- or ---- • Customer Kanban

 2. What are the three C's essential for Supply Chain Management?
 Answers: • Communication -- or --- • Coordination --- or --- • Customer Satisfaction

 3. Why did Ford begin to lose its hold in the market?
 Answers: • There was a sudden rise in the product variety --- or ---- • Annual changes in models and multiple colors and options suited the Ford factories

 4. Which of the following is necessary for the success of Lean implementation?
 Answers: • There needs to be a total cultural change in the organization --- or --- • The value stream has to be mapped

 5. Which of the following are true regarding value stream mapping?
 Answers: • It is a tool to look at how value flows into and through a process to the customer --- or ---- • It helps to locate the wastes in the value chain

 6. Which principle of Lean makes use of spaghetti charts?
 Answers: • Value Stream

 7. Where was the first TPM conference held?
 Answers: • The United States

 8. Pull System is another name for ______.
 Answers: • Kanban

 9. Which method helps in the optimization of machinery?
 Answers: • Total Productive Maintenance

 10. Cycle Time Reduction is:
 Answers: • the time needed to complete a task within a process

 11. State whether true or false:

 Applying Lean to Supply Chain Management helps to certify the suppliers.
 Answers: • True

 12. Which of these need not be a feature of Lean metrics?
 Answers: • They should be made keeping in mind the goals of the competitor

 13. Which of the following losses does not eliminate TPM?
 Answers: • Quality losses

 14. What is the main reason for the occurrence of waste?
 Answers: • Inventory

 15. Which of the following is not done by poka-yoke?
 Answers: • It helps in the optimization of resources in an organization

 16. What is the function of SMED?
 Answers: • To reduce the changeover in a process

 17. Who is known as the "father of scientific management"?
 Answers: • Shigeo Shingo

 18. Whom did the four locations on the large board of the Beer Game not represent?
 Answers: • The Customer

 19. Which of the following is not a Lean Tool?
 Answers: • Design of Experiments

 20. Which of the following cannot be considered a waste?
 Answers: • Skilled plant workers

 21. What is the formula to calculate cycle time?
 Answers: • Available work time / Customer required volume

 22. What does Kanban mean?
 Answers: • A card-signal

 23. For any company to reach a 'level 6' sigma, there should only be _______ defects per million opportunities.
 Answers: • 3.4

 24. What is the similarity between Lean and Six Sigma?
 Answers: • Both deliver higher quality of service with greater speed

 25. Synchronous Flow Manufacturing plans inventory around:
 Answers: • Capacity Constraint Resources

 26. The data that does not need to be communicated in a Visual Factory environment are:
 Answers: • work instructions

 27. What is also known as 'law zero' in Lean Six Sigma?
 Answers: • The Law of Waste

 28. Which of the following is not synonymous with Lean Manufacturing?
 Answers: • World Class Manufacturing

 29. Who introduced the concept of mass production?
 Answers: • Henry Ford

 30. What is Takt Time?
 Answers: • None of the above

 31. Which of the following is true with regard to Synchronized Flow Manufacturing?
 Answers: • It improves the manufacturing system by setting off an increase in operating costs

 32. A flexible process is:
 Answers: • one which can be reconfigured to give different output for different customer demands

 33. Which of these features does not describe the features of the Ford system?
 Answers: • Materials do not go from "dock to stock" but from dock to the factory floor

 34. Who among the following is involved in the implementation of Kaizen?
 Answers: • Workers

 35. How many wastes are identified by Lean?
 Answers: • 8

 36. What is not an advantage of SMED?
 Answers: • It increases elasticity in the process

 37. Six Sigma processes are implemented by organizations to reduce __________.
 Answers: • defects in their processes

 38. What is the main function of Lean?
 Answers: • Eliminating muda

 39. According to the Theory of Constraints, ______________________.
 Answers: • every process or system has a constraint that acts as an impediment in attaining more of its goal

 40. _________ means to clear the work area.
 Answers: • Shine

 41. What are the advantages of applying Lean to a supply chain?
 Answers: • None of the above

 42. State whether true or false:

 Single unit manufacturing cannot be approximated to continuous flow manufacturing.
 Answers: • False