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Master Trainer Certification Test Answers

Here you will find most recent test questions with correct answers of Master Trainer Certification Test of Upwork Health and Fitness category. It will give you a better profile impress and help you to get the related jobs in Upwork. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. What is not true about a mesocycle?
 Answers: • It refers to a very long training cycle, usually one year -- or --- • It can be utilized to develop strength, endurance and power
 2. What would be 1RM of a client who does 12 reps with 100lbs?
 Answers: • 139
 3. State whether true or false:
 You should rest your chest against the back pad while doing Rear Delt Fly.
 Answers: • True
 4. Which of these decreases flexibility?
 Answers: • Bone structure
 5. What would be a client's BMI if a client's weight is 50kgs and his height 1.55m?
 Answers: • 20.8kg/sq m
 6. Which of the following is not a phase of linear periodization?
 Answers: • Flexibility