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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Test Answers

Here you will find most recent upwork test questions with correct answers of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Test answers of Networking category. It will help you to get the related job.

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1. In which condition will a web application get extended in MOSS 2007?
 Answers: • When we want to configure the web application with different types of authentication.

 2. How many sites can we create with a Sub site?
 Answers: • 2000

 3. How can a single workflow be associated with multiple document libraries?
 Answers: • c and d

 4. What could be the possible reason for a User being presented with a request permission page, when she attempts to complete a task assigned to her while trouble shooting a workflow?
 Answers: • By default, workflow includes users who do not have site access. Users without site access who attempt to complete the task assigned to them are directed to the request permission page.

 5. Where will we get an option to set the file upload limit for a document library?
 Answers: • In the web application setting

 6. You are configuring your SharePoint server 2007 server farm. You need to configure search. What are your options?
 Answers: • You can optionally start one or both of the SharePoint Sever 2007 search service and Windows SharePoint services search service.

 7. In MOSS 2007,when do you use audience?
 Answers: • When you want to show/hide the information to a group of users.

 8. You are configuring your SharePoint server 2007 farm. You need to configure Kerberos authentication. In the configure SharePoint central Administrator web application dialog box, you clicked negotiate (Kerberos), and then clicked next. What other steps must you have taken?
 Answers: • Using the Kerberos option requires you to configure a Service Principal Name(SPN) for all of the domain User accounts who will be authenticating through Kerberos.

 9. How can we trace the deletion of a document, from a document library?
 Answers: • Configure the SharePoint server for the auditing of delete item events.

 10. An assembly "Vehicle" contains two Web Part classes named "Car" and "Truck." You may add additional Web Parts before you release the assembly. You need to ensure that all the Web Parts in the assembly are trusted. Which XML fragment should you add to the SafeControls section of the web application's web.config file?
 Answers: • <SafeControl Assembly="Vehicle, Version=, Culture=neutral PublicKeyToken=hnjg5628jh8j2khf" Namespace="Vehicle" TypeName="*" safe="True" />

 11. You need to enable access to an external user to your site workflow. Which settings will have to be enabled in the workflow settings of the Applications tab in the Central administration?
 Answers: • In the user-Defined workflow section, under allow external user to participate in workflow by sending them a copy of the document, select Yes if you want the document sent to the external users by e-mail when those users are a part of the workflow but they will not have access permission to the documents.

 12. In the context of an account whose user has higher privileges than the current user, which of the following methods would you use to assign a Web Part that runs a subset of code?
 Answers: • SpSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges

 13. You need to check whether a specified login name belongs to a valid user of the Web site, and if the login name does not already exist, you need to add it to the Web site. Which of the following methods would you use to perform these actions?
 Answers: • SPWeb.EnsureUser

 14. How many log files can we create in Usage report?
 Answers: • 1-30

 15. In Moss 2007, is there any out of box option available that gives the storage size utilized by any sub site?
 Answers: • No

 16. Suppose you want to delete a site that has subsites. Which of the following actions will result in an error?
 Answers: • Using the "Site Action -> Site Setting -> Delete This site" menu option

 17. In the central Adminstration operation tab, what does the solution management show?
 Answers: • All the installed solution files

 18. Suppose you receive a conversion error while using the InfoPath form converter (which converts an InfoPath path form from the form library to a webpage). How can you solve this error?
 Answers: • By adding Infopath Control to the webpage

 19. To activate a feature of a Site Collection,what value would you assign to the Scope attribute of the respective feature element defined in the feature.xml file?
 Answers: • Site

 20. You are planning a WSS 3.0 server farm implementation using the NLB cluster. You are tasked with applying a consistent look and feel to the entire site collection. What setting will you do?
 Answers: • You will need to configure the WSS 3.0 site collection so only the site designer can create or modify the sites

 21. How many databases get created while creating an SSP from the SharePoint central administration?
 Answers: • 2

 22. In which of the following folders can the custom .net web application be deployed?
 Answers: • Vtibin folder

 23. The data of the HR department is stored in an application that uses the .hrg extension. Users in the department complain that the document with the .hrg extension appears only in the search result when their search queries include the file name. You need to ensure that the documents with .hrg extension appear in all search results for the HR department. What should you do?
 Answers: • You should apply the custom iFilter with the .hrg extension.

 24. Which type of property gets associated with other properties and which property is used for searching content from a search database?
 Answers: • Managed property