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Mobile Web Authoring Test Answers

This is an Upwork Mobile Technologies Category test which will help you to get the related jobs. Here in this post, you will find most recent test questions and correct answers of Upwork Mobile Web Authoring Test. Search your desired answers of the test questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. Which of the following statements is/are true regarding XHTML Mobile Profile?
 Answers: • All empty tags in XHTML must be self-closing. ---- or ---- • Each href attribute must be enclosed within quotation marks. ----or----- • Mobile Browsers do not support cookies.
 2. Which of the following is correct regarding CSS in mobile widgets?
 Answers: • font-style variants normal, bold, and italic are typically supported. --- or ---- • CSS opacity is not supported in WRT. --- or ---- • The <canvas> tag is supported in WRT.
 3. Why does the Best Practices Working Group for Mobile Web Application recommend a page title length between 12 and 14 characters?
 Answers: • To avoid truncation of the title. --- or ---- • To help in proper rendering of the title tag.
 4. What is the advantage of adding the following code in the <head> of Mobile Web Applications?
 <meta name="viewport" content="width=320; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=0" />
 Answers: • It helps set the desired screen size.
 5. What will happen if a line break is inserted in the marquee text?
 Answers: • The speed of scroll will decrease to half.
 6. Why does the Best Practices Working Group for Mobile Web Applications recommend underlining hyperlinks?
 Answers: • To make links visible in the absence of a pointing device
 7. Is the following statement true or false?
 In XHTML Mobile Profile, the <ol>, <ul>, and <li> elements support the type attribute.
 Answers: • True
 8. In which of the following Interaction methods does the browser focus jump from link to link?
 Answers: • Touch based method
 9. What is the default formatting of the em element in XHTML Mobile Profile?
 Answers: • italic
 10. Which is the best method to specify a URL for href, as recommended by the Best Practices Working Group for Mobile Web Applications?
 Answers: • http://example.com
 11. What is the advantage of aggregating static images (sprites) into a single composite resource?
 Answers: • It helps reduce the trips to the server.
 12. To save the phone number 8934532348 against the name Peter in the user's phone book, which of the following anchor tags must be used?
 Answers: • <a href="wtai://wp/ap;8934532348;Peter">Save Number</a>
 13. Which of the following content types enables a URL address to be sent to a device?
 Answers: • WML Script
 14. Which of the following table attributes is/are not supported in XHTML Mobile Profile?
 Answers: • Align
 15. What happens if the signal-medium priority notification of the Service Indication is sent to a user?
 Answers: • A notification is displayed and an SMS alert tone is sounded.
 16. When does the following style selector rule apply?
 h1 + h2 { margin-top: -15mm }
 Answers: • If the h1 element immediately precedes the h2 element