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Networking Server 2003 Test Answers

In this post, you will find most recent test questions with correct answers of Upwork Networking Server 2003 test for Networking category as it is updateding regularly. This test will help you to get the related job.

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1. How could RAID 5 take preference over other RAID Levels?
 Answers: • Better read performance over mirrored ------ or ------ • One parity block per stripe ------- or ------- • It can be hardware-or software based
 2. A user is unable to encrypt a file. What are the possibilities that the file is not encrypting?
 Answers: • Compressed file -----or----- • Read-only file -----or-------- • System file
 3. Give reasons why the junior administrator should choose between either FTP or WebDAV.
 Answers: • FTP requires some additional ports to be opened on firewall -------- or ------- • FTP does not support file locking mechanism ------ or-------- • WebDAV uses HTTP port 80
 4. How should the new administrator, who is unaware about shadow copies, be told about the benefits of shadow copies?
 Answers: • Recovery if files are overwritten accidentally or • Recovery if files are accidentally deleted
 5. How can an administrator view and kill the running processes of a remote computer from command prompt?
 Answers: • Tasklist /s \\computername or • Taskkill /pid pidnumber /s \\computername
 6. Administrator is worried about protecting his web server access. Which option should he suggest between https or VPN?
 Answers: • Https communication between cannot be monitored or • Implementing VPN is expensive than https
 7. A user is unable to connect to telnet server and gets an "Access is denied" message. How should the user be allowed to connect to telnet server ?
 Answers: • Make him a member of TelnetClients Group
 8. How should the administrator secure the network after installing SNMP on his nework, so that security is not compromised with?
 Answers: • NAT
 9. A user in the network complains that when he tests the connectivity by using the ping command, he gets the message "Negotiating IP Security". Which of the following is preventing the user from accessing the network?
 Answers: • ip sec
 10. How should the administrator track all performance related to server and notify when threshold limit reaches its peak?
 Answers: • Use alerts in performance monitor to send message to administrator
 11. A new web site is hosted in a company running on Windows Server 2003. Various others web sites are also the part of IIS. It is to be ensured that web sites do not use much of the bandwidth and performance should not be sacrificed. Which component should be used to allow the administrator to use bandwidth as required?
 Answers: • QoS
 12. How can the administrator change the Backup logging path?
 Answers: • It can never be changed
 13. A user in the network is constantly getting a warning message, while accessing resources from server 2003, that the connection has exceeded. How can he overcome this error message?
 Answers: • Add licenses from control panel
 14. A heavily used file server's volume is used as storage area for shadow copies. Users complain of slow server access. Server performance was checked and high I/O load was found. How should this problem be solved?
 Answers: • Implement RAID
 15. Which wins mode allows clients to check only wins server for resolving netbios address without broadcasting?
 Answers: • H-node
 16. A network consists of single Windows Server 2003 server and 500 XP clients. SUS server has been installed to download security patches and install on client computers automatically. Client computers are unable to receive these updates, but other group policies are applied. What should the network administrator do?
 Answers: • Approve the security updates from SUS administration window