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VLSI Test Answers

In this post, you will find most recent test questions and correct answers of Upwork VLSI Test for Electronics category. You may try this out for your better upwork profile and it will help you to get the related jobs. Search your desired test answers of the questions by pressing Ctrl + F button.

1. An active current mirror means that ___________.
 Answers: • active devices are used as load

 2. Floating point data types provide an approximation of ___________.
 Answers: • even numbers

 3. For an npn Bipolar Transistor, gm ___________.
 Answers: • is dependent on IC

 4. Contacts between the metal layers are known as _____________.
 Answers: • cuts

 5. How many Pass transistors can be connected in a series?
 Answers: • 5

 6. A signal data object in VHDL is an object with_______________.
 Answers: • a present history of values

 7. For a given total bias current, the gain of a differential pair is________ more than the CS Stage.
 Answers: • 1/4

 8. A fast CMOS circuit requires that the gm___________. (Where gm means transconductance).
 Answers: • should be independent of gm

 9. High Electron Mobility Transistors(HEMT) are formed using alternating layers of _______________.
 Answers: • GaAs and AlGaAs

 10. For the Orbit Process, the n-active and p-active regions have_________.
 Answers: • large capacitance