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Wi Fi Test Answers

In this post, you will have most recent test questions and answers of Upwork Wi Fi Test for Networking category. It will help you to get the related job.

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1. How many hertz is one Gigahertz (GHz) equal to?
 Answers: • 1,000,000,000 hertz

 2. At which layer of the OSI model do most of the wireless APs operate?
 Answers: • Layer 1

 3. How many non-overlapping channels does IEEE 802.11a standard support?
 Answers: • 3

 4. How many power modes are specified for 802.11b standard?
 Answers: • 2

 5. State whether true or false .
 The WLAN devices can send data successfully if the SNR is low.
 Answers: • True

 6. A decrease in RF signal strength is known as _____.
 Answers: • attenuation

 7. How many U-NII license-free bands exist in the 5 GHz frequency range?
 Answers: • 3

 8. In which mode does one wireless device communicate with another wireless device directly without using AP?
 Answers: • Ad hoc mode

 9. In which mode wireless devices cannot communicate directly with each other instead they use AP to forward frames to each other?
 Answers: • Infrastructure mode