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Windows Networking Design Infrastructure Test Answers 2016

Here you will find most recent upwork test questions with correct answers of Windows Networking Design Infrastructure Test for Networking Category.

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1. A server cluster was implemented and configured in Windows server 2003. Another Windows 2003 server has been configured as software router that connects an inside network with an outside network. After configuring cluster in Windows server 2003, remote clients complain that they were unable to ping to cluster's server address. How can the outside network be allowed to be able to use ping to access the cluster's address without exposing the network security?
 Answers: • Enable Proxy ARP support in router or • Enter a static ARP entry
 2. A Windows 2003 server based VPN server is implemented in a company. User faces problem when connecting to VPN server that they are unable to make connection to VPN server and that attempt is failed. Correct user name and password is entered but still connection refused by the VPN server. What can be the cause of such a problem?
 Answers: • User account may be locked due to remote access account lockout or • DHCP relay agent is not configured on VPN server
 3. How will the administrator of a company secure the DNS zones in Windows server 2003?
 Answers: • Configure secure dynamic updates or • Restrict zone transfer to specified addresses
 4. Harry is a network administrator for a company. He has configured shadow copies feature in Windows 2003 server because network users often delete or modify the contents of company's sensitive data. A user complained that when he tries to restore an old version, new version gets deleted. How will Harry guide the user so that current version should not be replaced?
 Answers: • Use copy to copy the previous version to a different location
 5. A network consists of domain controllers running on 2000 and 2003. What will happen if one user is logged in two different machines and password is changed in one of them?
 Answers: • Account will be locked out in second machine due to authentication failure
 6. How can the administrator improve shadow copies performance?
 Answers: • Default shadow copies location is recommended
 7. How many bits would be used as a network ID after subnetting in the class-B address of:
 Answers: • 24
 8. A VPN server was configured on Windows server 2003 for a company users so that they can connect and access resources over a secure channel. But when client tried to connect the VPN server, they are unable to establish Tunnel. What must be verified on clients that failed in establishing a Tunnel?
 Answers: • NAT editor
 9. A network consists of mixed client environment of UNIX and earlier-version microsoft clients. DNS service is installed and configured on Windows 2003. Which of the following resource records will permit UNIX clients to locate their WINS clients by extending their DNS name?
 Answers: • wins-r
 10. How many hosts can be configured in class-c private ip range?
 Answers: • 254
 11. How can the administrator in windows server 2003 temporarily check the DNS performance and the packets sent and received by DNS server without affecting overall server performance and consuming disk space?
 Answers: • Enable audit system events policies
 12. An administrator faced the problem with IPSec when implemented with NAT in Windows server 2003. What may have caused this problem?
 Answers: • DHCP